What's your favorite Blind Guardian album?

December 16, 2006 1:10pm CST
What's your favorite Blind Guardian album? Mine are Nightfall in Middle Earth and Imaginations from the Other Side. This is my favorite power metal band, one of the first bands I started my music listening from...
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• Germany
29 Dec 06
Somewhere Far Beyond, Imaginations From The Other Side. That's my two favorites. The last one is somehow... I don't know. Different. Not the Blind Guardian I like. The new (actually the only one) album from the Savage Circus (new band of the ex-BG drummer Thomen Stauch) shows for me the direction BG should go. I can really recommend it, sounds awesome! Power (Epic?) + Progressive Metal on the very high level. Just hear the first song (Evil Eyes) and you will know that do I mean. :-)
• Ukraine
30 Dec 06
Thank you for your response, I like those albums too and liked them best of all several years ago. Will try that band you mentioned.
• Germany
30 Dec 06
Here is a Savage Circus video I found on youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=UwwvS4bx-mk Let me know what do you think about it. :-) This song is not the best from the whole album (in my opinion), but gives you some good impression what Savage Circus is all about. The reason why Thomen (who wrote the most of the BG music) left BG was as far as I know that he wasn't happy with the new development of the band style and wanted to continue to develop the "old" BG style, but Hansi (vocal) desperately wanted to try something new. So with Savage Circus and Blind Guardian you can see two visions of the two "main" BG creative powers. Maybe it's a good thing that BG splitted. Now with Savage Circus we have a chance to hear how "Somewhere Far Beyond" would sounds like if it were wrote 2006. ;-)
• Brazil
22 Dec 06
My favorite Blind Guardian is Nightfall in Middle-Earth. It was my first metal album and it have absolutely great songs that feature a very power drumming, beautiful melodic and solo guitars, well-timed basslines, atmospheric keyboards and very strong vocal lines. Also, the lyrics of the songs of the album are great!
• Ukraine
25 Dec 06
Yeah, "Nightfall in Middle-Earth" is an incredible album, especially to those who have read Lord of the Rings and Silmarillion by Tolkien.
@Joerib (82)
• Belgium
3 Apr 07
My favourite album is A night at the opera. And then there was silence, punishment divine, what do you want more?! these songs are perfect!
@andben (1076)
• Italy
9 Feb 07
My favourite album is "Forgotten Tales".
@Tauron (14)
• Italy
6 Jan 07
The top are: Nightfall in middlearth and a Twist of Myth