who loves neighbours?

@twinkleD (361)
December 16, 2006 3:58pm CST
i love watching neighbours. think it is probably my favourite soap. would love to hear some coming spoilers from any Australian My loters out there.
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@bluring (31)
• Australia
10 Feb 07
Ok you asked for spoilers. Well katya finally gets caught and let off eventually but guy who shes been stealing for shoot s==s toadie and he survives. he and steph get together then max comes back after janae confronts him. max and steph get back together. max goes to court and gets a suspended sentence. katya leaves and her and ned break up again. skyes baby turns out to be dylans but they dont get together. dyl gets with elle and skye gets with stinger. lyn and paul get married but they break up on the honeymoon and lyn goes on the honeymoon with her son oscar. i think that will do you for now
@shoelover (896)
• Australia
16 Dec 06
I love watching it also. What part are you up to there. Our season just finished on Friday.
@twinkleD (361)
17 Dec 06
let me think....(i'm about a week behind as i have 5 episodes stacked up on my sky+ box) but we're at the point were Max killed Cameron Robinson and now Elle is plotting revenge. I think Lynn Scully is going to move in with Paul Robinson. Zeke just found pictures of Katya in x rated magazines. Carmella/sister mary katherine has a secret. and Janelle's biological daughter has shown up. Was there a good end of season cliffhanger? how long does neighbours stop for in Australia. I think we have episodes next week and then it stops for Christmas, but our break doesn't tie in with your end of season i dont think. Happy Christmas too you :)
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• Australia
17 Dec 06
Hmmm I don't really want to spoil it for you :) I will say the pictures of Katya will get passed around the school. Yes Lyn does move in with Paul. I think we have a break for about 6 weeks. They always make it a cliff hanger for the last episode so you just have to watch the new series to find out what happens.
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31 Jan 07
i have a spoiler for you - elle & jenae find max (in about 3-4 months) and he has an all new family...but eventually he and steph get back together i think
@xtina87 (303)
27 Feb 07
what? a whole new family, ooo how exciting, cant wait for this. im glad they get back together aswel they made a great couple
@pinklilly (3446)
• Australia
30 May 07
I'm a Neighbours fan I live in melbourne Australia and have been to the court where the houses are... I've seen and meet a few actors from Neighbours... I'm not sure how ahead we are to your screenings Currently Paul Robinson is in Hospital and Mad Mary is in prison with Sky and her baby....
24 Apr 07
Heh I love it too. I've missed it the last two weeks due to school holidays (I kept forgetting it was on! Shame on me...) and workig at weird hours. I'm probably at the same stage as you if you live in the UK, so I'm afraid I can't give you any spoilers. It's good at the moment though, huh?
4 Jan 07
I love neighbours, im afraid im sad enough to watch it on a daily basis as im 8 months preg and home all the time, today sky told dylan that hes not the babys dad im addicted.