Oops - me at work (my old job)

United States
December 16, 2006 4:14pm CST
Pic didn't work the 1st time. Anyhow, this is me at my old job, at Buffalo Wild Wings, I was a line cook, and I*HATED* that job. They treated me really badly and I was always getting into arguments with the management but I quit on Super Bowl Sunday, ha ha ha. I called in and said "I'm sick" and he said "Not today, you're not" and I said, "Yeah, I'm really sick - sick of your crap" and then I hung up on him. Not my most shining moment but if you knew the hell I had to deal with at that place, you'd understand. Anyway, the only reason I'm so dressed up in that picture is b/c I was heading out clubbing, and wanted to get some food (1/2 priced food!) in me b/4 I went.
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• Indonesia
18 Dec 06
Hope U got another jobs which better. ^^ Ganbatte and good luck ^^
• United States
18 Dec 06
Oh, I do now! :) I have been with this company (I work in customer service, answering phones and helping people) for over two years now, and I have benefits and I'm working on my 401K, it's small, like $400 but I'm saving for retirement one day! :)