If you were president.

United States
December 16, 2006 4:56pm CST
If you were president of your respective country what polices would you implement or change. How would you manage your countries budget. What government programs would you start and why. Looking forward to hearing your responses.
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@MrsAdvice (623)
• United States
23 Dec 06
I would not want that task at all, but for sure I would decrease government spending first. I don't believe they need to pay the astonomical sums like $1,000 for a screw, or nail, or whatever, and $5,000 for a new toilet installed, stuff like that. I would get rid of the jobs people have where they don't have to work and they get paid HUGE amounts of money, like "Catsup inspector" I would find all areas of government waste and eliminate them and create programs to help get businesses going and open up new jobs that paid better and I would look into the medical coverage for everyone in America, like what Canada has. Nobody should have to go without medical care because they cannot afford it. I would refuse to import anything from any country we did not export to as well and it would be equal or as close to equal as possible, like we would not accept more imports from them than what we exported to them. Schools would be better, people would know how to spell and have a career when they graduated, which they could continue to further with college, while they worked. Work/school would work together so the individual could complete schooling while working. For example, you are studying to be a nurse. Obviously you cannot give shots and stuff yet, until you pass, but you can do other things, like check on patients, maybe empty bedpans, or do office work, or help nurses out by job shadowing them and learning from them while in school. I would try to make the country debt free and happy and I would not pay for foreigners to come here and go to school for free when our own people cannot even afford to go to school. That is ridiculous. I would put America's best interests FIRST. (above other countries)
@Khangura (924)
• Canada
16 Dec 06
i have no idea how to handle the situation of being president and im sure many other people also dont