What is forex?

December 16, 2006 6:06pm CST
Hi,have tried this forex business? Where sell higher price of currencies and close at lower price and buy at lower to close at higher pricer to get profit named pips so here the ilustration: we open qtty $10000=$100 so if we buy GU 19000 closed at 19020 so we get 20pip(19020-19000=20) so we will get $100/100*20=$20
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@annihilus (2185)
• Italy
17 Dec 06
A great confusion you made! Forex is the foreigner value exchange. Do you really know it rules or have you posted a lot of words and number? It is not so simple and whi don't know what it means "pip" don't understand. before talking about tachnical things or how to operate the first thing to say is that trading into Forex market is not so simple. You need to learn more about Forex rules and you cannot to improvvisate trader! And don't think it is easy to learn money! If it is so easy, why not all the world trade in Forex? Simply because is more easy lo lose than to earn. There are profesisonist traders and broker that work daily into this market. The best thing to do is to open a manage account and leave the expert to trade for you. But it is not a guarantee to earn! Forex investments/trades need to have a lifetime at least of 3-5 years. I see you have little confused ideas!