Epicare Facial Hair Remover www.facialhairthreading.com

United States
September 21, 2006 10:56pm CST
I was recently at a Women's Expo in Michigan & noticed that there was one booth that was PACKED w/women busy buying something!!! It turned out that the booth was promoting a very interesting product called Epicare Facial hair Remover. For those of you who are interested in looking it up or purchasing one, their website is http://www.facialhairthreading.com This company is the U.S. distributor for Epicare, they are not a fly-by-night, and they are definitely serious about their business and know their stuff. Anyway, there were a couple of sales people at the booth demonstrating Epicare, and at first, just looking at the product, I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of it. But they tried the product on me and I was AMAZED!!! It pulled out by the roots all the tiny little hairs that I did not even think I had. It also pulled out all the tougher and thicker hairs that I know I have!! Ladies, I have to say that this Epicare hair remover is definitely the most ingenious tool ever designed!! Who would have thought that a little thingy like that could actually pull hair out by the roots. And oh, it barely hurt at all!! I thought it would be very painful, but all I felt was a tingling, or prickling. Anyway, I went ahead and bought a few (5 actually) for those women in my family who needs Epicare. Epicare Facial hair Remover is definitely the one beauty tool that a woman can't do without. I recommend that you go to their website at www.facialhairthreading.com to read all about it or buy one.
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