These cats are driving me nuts. Help!

@rawpoet (2048)
United States
December 16, 2006 11:53pm CST
Mind you, I love cats. Heck, I love most animals, but there's 30 cats or more on my street, and the owner just lets them run loose. These cats are breeding with their brothers and sisters for pete's sake, and the man doesn't care. I just took my dog outside for the last time tonight, and the cats are getting in our fenced yard, and pooping in every flower bed we own. Now my dog is eating the stuff! It's making me sick! I live in a development, and the other neighbors are tired of it too. One even called the Humane Society on him, but he denied he was the cats owner, so the Humane Society did nothing, which shocked me. Then there are other neighbors who feed the cats, but nobody takes them in. I can't have any cats. Feeding a dog and my family is hard enough. So, what should we do? I'm about to collect all the cat poop from my yard, and stick it in their mailbox!!
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