December 17, 2006 3:40am CST
How you can get happiness in the world of War. It is a treasury. You may help the victims.
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17 Dec 06
Happiness is an emotional or affective state that feels good or pleasing. Overlapping states or experiences associated with happiness include wellbeing, delight, health, safety, contentment, and love, while contrasting ones include suffering, unhappiness (depression or sadness), grief, anxiety, and pain. Happiness is often correlated to the presence of favorable events (such as a promotion, a marriage, lottery winnings, etc.) and the absence of troubles or bad luck (such as accidents, getting fired, divorce, conflicts, etc.). Societies, religions, and individuals have various views on the nature of happiness and how to pursue it. According to a USA Today report, "happiest people surround themselves with family and friends, don't care about keeping up with the Joneses next door, lose themselves in daily activities and, most important, forgive easily."