Aliens... yes or no?

@Script (592)
December 17, 2006 4:21am CST
Do you believe there are other planets that support intelligent life forms in the universe?
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@chizue (74)
• Germany
17 Dec 06
Yes I do believe that there is some other life out there in the universe, whetear intelligent one or none intelligent one. The universe is so large that it seems somehoe ridiculous to me to believe that we are the only form of live out there. However, I do not think that any aliens have tried to contact us in some way or another. As a researcher once remarked: "If they exist, they have shown little willingness to cooperate with human investigators. There is even evidence suggesting that they deliberately try to keep humans in the dark about their activities and nature."
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• United States
17 Dec 06
There are many, many discussions about this here at MyLot. Yes there is, in my eyes, intelligent life out there somewhere in the universe. Wheather they have been here or not I have no idea. If you think about it from a rational mind you would see that the sun is our closest star and the sun is what makes this planet inhabital. So with all of them stars out there being suns then it is not only possible but highly probable
• Romania
17 Dec 06
well I'm not sure but if you think that each star has it's own system of planets... it's a small chance not one planet at least to have the same characteristics as earth....
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@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
17 Dec 06
I believe there is something out there in the universe yea .... of course they might not be called as aliens yea
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@senna9 (1671)
• Netherlands
17 Dec 06
i think that there is live on other planets. Why would we be the only ones?