u want to live your dream?

@bizgeek (517)
December 17, 2006 4:34am CST
* Start where you are. Don’t wait for a certain time or situation to start going after your dreams. Start right now, right in your current circumstances. Be creative about maximizing your time. Know that if you invest even small amounts of time toward reaching your dreams, over the long haul your investment will pay off in a big way. Whenever you have idle time, fill it in productive ways (such as by listening to Scripture on your commute to work). Don’t let seemingly urgent things like household chores and checking e-mail distract you from what’s most important. Make sure that you’re focusing on important tasks – ones that will help your dreams come true – first, and just fit all the “urgent” tasks in as you can. Establish and grow relationships with key people who can help you fulfill your dreams. Pray for God to lead you to a mentor or two and place the right people alongside you at the right times as you go after your dreams. Don’t wait for all the pieces of a plan to make perfect sense to you before moving forward if you sense God calling you to do so; be willing to take steps of faith as He leads you. just copied-
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