A new joke "magician and parrots"

December 17, 2006 4:51am CST
A magician gets a gig aboard a cruise ship. The captain of the ship has a pet parrot. At every one of the magician's performances, the parrot screams and squawks and tells the audience how the magician did the trick, "Hey, he had another card in his sleeve"....."Hey, there's two people in the box he sawed in half" and so on. One night, there is a terrific explosion in the engine room, and the ship sinks. The only two survivors are the magician and that damned parrot. The magician and the parrot are floating on the piano from the lounge. The parrot is staring, and staring , and staring at the magician;finally he squawks "All right,I give up. Whaad ya do with the damned boat?"
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