December 17, 2006 4:55am CST
[x] i think im gonna have a high score on this [ ] i dont talk to one or both of my parents that much [x]i have cursed/said horrible things to someones face [ ] i give people disgusting looks a lot total: 2 [ ] i took heads off dolls when i was little [ ] i have destroyed something valuable on purpose [x] I love to insult people [x] most people suck [X] i have thrown total tantrums total: 3 [x] im known to have an attitude [x] i get mad easily [ ] i have no clue when i'm doing it too [x] sometimes i order people around [ ] i am/was known around my neighborhood as the kid everyone else doesnt want their kids hanging out with [x] ive argued with a teacher total: 4 [x] i could care less about school [x] i love messing with other people's heads [ ] i've been told im conceited [X] i joke around [x] i yell daily total: 4 [x] i seem to always be in a fight with someone [x] i dont like smiling but i do anyways [x] i know at least 3 people i would like to beat up [x] i like pranking people total: 4 ADD UP ALL THE X's AND MULTIPLY BY 4 THEN REPOST THIS AS' I AM __%MEAN
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