Bonding with Boyfriend's Family... HELP...

@shobejen (645)
December 17, 2006 7:03am CST
my boyfriend has been asking me for months to go to their house to be with his family... i have been making excuses for months, honestly, they're nice people, i've met them several times, it's just that i'm not comfortable around them, you know the feeling of 'meeting the parents'... i'm not friendly and i don't get along with people easily and i know from experience that i won't get along with them that well... what do you think?
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@mahas4u (98)
• India
9 Jan 07
It brings healthy relationships in the future.. You may not feel comfortable in the beginning, but as days go by you'll feel the true affection and bonding of the families.. Go Ahead.. Meet them, talk with them..
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• United Arab Emirates
8 Jan 07
well first of all tell ur bf about this and he should take steps to make u comfi!cuz he plays a big role here!if he makes u comfi while talkin 2 his parents then ull be fine he should tell ur parents abt ur intrest and he should tell u abt his parents intrests den start talking u will be fine!
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@gunchu (154)
• India
6 Jan 07
its upon you how you want your relations to grow . if you are about to get married to your boyfriend and he has to live with him parents then you will have to change your self and try to be a part of their family .
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@carolynpb (647)
• United States
30 Dec 06
hey, you will have to tolerate them. Look, I still feel uncomfortable going around my in-laws 9and I've been married for years) but I still have to go sometimes for my hubby's sake. try to do it for your boyfriend. just be yourself. Afterall, your boyfriend is who you are dating not his family. just fo it for him.
• Singapore
17 Dec 06
i know the feeling but maybe you should do it for your bf sake? you dont know how many girls will kill to be in your place now!!! it's apparent that your bf cares and loves you so much that he desperately wants you to be closer with the family. i know it's going to be hard, but maybe you should try to be closer with them if you really love them...time will make you lose the uncomfortable me!
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