Would Plasma TV be a better choice than LCD TV?

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December 17, 2006 8:33am CST
Someone said plasma is better,but others said no. So did anyone once buy LCD or plasma, would you please share some usage experience to us? It will give others a big help to make decision!
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@prokrypt (67)
• United States
24 Dec 06
I have a plasma tv. Plasma has a higher contrast ratio than LCD (whites are brighter, blacks are darker, etc..), but they have a small burn-in problem (kinda like CRTs). That means if you watch a 2-hour movie with black borders on the top and bottom, and then you watch something else, you might still be able to see those borders for a while (it disappears by itself, or you can view something bright to speed it up). The only problem I see with LCDs is that when you are looking at a black image, you can see the backlight bleeding through (the light is always on). For plasma, each pixel is their own light source, so if a black image is on the screen, all the pixels are turned off. So it all comes down to what is important to you--The higher resolution (amount of lines) of LCDs, or the contrast of Plasma?
• China
25 Dec 06
thanks so much for shearing your experience with us all. It's useful !!
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• Singapore
22 Dec 06
No.LCD is more affordable.
• China
24 Dec 06
@dellux (106)
• Brazil
20 Dec 06
no lcd has better high definition