An abstract of my paper. Need your help

December 17, 2006 10:11am CST
I compose a paper to submit to an international conference. Since I am not a native English speaker, I need your help to correct my language mistakes. Let's start from the title and abstract. Title: Genetic Algorithm with Serial-Number Chromosome Structure and Its Application in FFS Scheduling Problem. Abstract: This paper addresses the NP-hard problem of scheduling multiple-processor jobs in Flexible Flow Shop (FFS) with cross-stage constraint. In order to adapt Genetic Algorithm (GA) to the large size problem, two novel coding schemes with serial-number structure are developed to shorten chromosome substantially. The Switching Serial-number Chromosome (SSC) structure is proven theoretically to be the best chromosome structure because of its shortest chromosome and least hamming distance. With recursive encoding-decoding algorithm and operators, the SSC structure shows better performance than traditional ones in the experiment of optimizing the makespan of the problem. The GA methodology developed in this paper is applicable to many domains of GA applications due to its remarkable improvement of computation ability.
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