Daniel Ortega, President Elect of Nicaragua.

December 17, 2006 10:51am CST
El Pueblo! Unido! A masse Avencido! This is one of the FSLN songs.. Now I myself am a Sandanista supporter.. (Before you all go off and boo-hiss me, and cross yourselves, or want to call me an idiot hear me out) Of course, horrible things were done in the past.. By BOTH sides the contras and the sandanistas.. Those were different times.. Looking at his election campaign and his speeches he really does care about the country, and really wants to make a difference in the situations here.. The whole Union Fenosa thing needs to be dealt with, there have been times when we haven't had power for upto 16 hours at a time.. Very bad for the Northern Borders.. And that was one of his election platforms, energy and water for all.. PLUS he negotiated with Chavez to get in those 2 tankers of fuel to power the generators, and those buttheads let it sit in the port for weeks! Something definately needs to be done about them.. My question is this.. Why are so many people afraid to give the man a second chance? Everyone is horrible in times of war.. But that's what they were.. Times of WAR.. I think he'll be good for the country, they need someone who cares about the people instead of all these corrupt "gimme gimme" mama's boys...
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