Why is education Important?

@turtle11 (331)
December 17, 2006 11:12am CST
Education impacts on human development and economic growth, and it is a fundamental requirement for democracy. Education provides people with the tools and knowledge they need to understand and participate in today’s world. It helps to sustain the human values that contribute to individual and collective well-being. It is the basis for lifelong learning. It inspires confidence and provides the skills needed to participate in public debate. It makes people more self-reliant and aware of opportunities and rights
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• United States
17 Dec 06
Because it builds up and expands your mind.
@freebee19 (212)
• India
17 Dec 06
Education is the process of instruction aimed at the all round development of boys and girls. Education dispels ignorance. It is the only wealth that cannot be robbed. Learning includes the moral values and the improvement of character and the methods to increase the strength of mind. Our school is a good example of this. We are the recipients of sacred and precious values imparted regularly by our teachers. A good moral based education is also a must. As students we want education by which character is formed, strength of mind and knowledge increases and makes us independent. This is ours to keep forever. We receive this kind of teaching in our school and I have every confidence to say that along with prosperity we will also have character due to the quality of education received.