introduction to automatic bottle filling machine using microcontroller (89c51)

December 17, 2006 12:45pm CST
this subject maily deals with automation and process control,which performs the duty of filling the bottles automatically.this is a semi automatic machine with a specifically designed software move the bottles continuosly along with the conveyer belt,the mechanism is designed with steper motor,which drives the conveyer beltthe container is a glass bottle,and we have to place the bottle over the conveyer belt at some particular reference point.after placing the bottle ,automatically solenoid valve energizes through the relay contact and fills the bottle with liquid to certain level,then the controller deenergizes the valve.after filling the bottle,the bottles travels along a horizontal axis on a conveyer belt at a constant speed,and leaves the bottle over the platform arranged very close to the conveyer belt. after placing the bottle over the belt manually,the filling process sense the bottle,IR sensors are used and the output of sensor is fed to micro controller.on receipt of a high signal from the sensor,the microcontroller drives the motor automatically.facility is providd in the system,such that number of bottles filled and accumulated over the platform can be counted and diaplayed automatically.
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20 Apr 13
goog but i want some more details like coding etc.