Wireless internet?

December 17, 2006 2:03pm CST
am trying to find or put together a wireless internet system at my house that will reach from my house to the garage which is like 300-400 feet away. I would like to have a laptop in the garage that is mobile with in that area, but have the router in the house. Is there a router with a strong enough signal to go that far and through all the walls? Or is there a way to have the connection meet up with another antenna that is about half way? If you know of any suggestions or where to look for something that could make this possible I would appriciate it. Thanks
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@kavita23 (2996)
• India
18 Dec 06
what i suggest u by is this wireless service i bought for my laptop... i already set up a wireless network in my house but when i leave my house and i want to access the interent i have to go to a hotspot...but w/ verizons national boradband network (itslike 50$ a month) i can go anywhere and still be connected to the internet...i went camping last week and i was on my laptop surfing the web.