Child prtoective services

@nhtpscd (1418)
December 17, 2006 2:33pm CST
Should both parents be treated the same way by CPS? My ex made 9 unsubstantiated reports to them using things like dirty clothes( mind you they were picked up at 4pm after kindy and school) Small bruises (happen to every child. And yet he put it in writing that he refuses to wash their clothes while with him. (admits at bath time throws in a corner fri pm and puts them back on them mon am). I wrote o letter of complaint to the same officer that came to my house and they did nothing.In the same letter I told of a girl he had hanging around who was 14 my girls were just 6 and 4 and the abuse teens in the arear yell at the father whilst playing in the park. Hence now just 6 months later he plead guilty for indecent dealings. Should the department have egg on their face?
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