Does Congress even listen to our soldiers?

United States
December 17, 2006 2:45pm CST
My husband is currently serving in Iraq. I always see the media only interviewing those that are saying they are happy to serve their country. Okay, I'm all for that but what about those that don't mind serving its country but wants to get the hell out of there? Yes, they soldiers don't think we should cut and run, (which I think is the right thing to do), but instead of waiting weeks for meetings to take place where there is a whole lot of talking going on, but when are we going to actually see some action taking place. I am so tired of turning on the news and seeing another white house official traveling over there for another freakin' meeting. We need action to be made but responsible actions that won't cause more harn than good. What do you guys think?
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@starr4all (2865)
17 Dec 06
I agree with you but I'm going to play devils advocate. The problem is the white house officials see more of the big picture. They have more information than what the average soldier is being told. Where as we (soldiers, soldiers familys, etc.) think we have it figured out what should be done, that may not be the best way to do it. We don't get all the information we need.
@kpisgod (994)
• India
17 Dec 06
All they think is armymen have joined in to give their lives,and they believe it to be thri right to take these lives