There Is no easy way to get Success

December 17, 2006 5:14pm CST
In the blinded morning , was seen a young man with cloth parcel contained provisions on his back was going to climbing to the peak famous mountain. It seems reportedly, in the peak mountain has gotten picturesque scenery be like in heaven. untily in slope of the mountain, was seen a small house that was occupied by an old grandfather. After greeting the owner of the house, the young man explained his intention to "Sir, I wanted to climb this mountain." Please Sir, show me the road that most easy to reach to the peak of the mountain. The grandfather reluctant to lift hands and to show out three fingers to young man. "There were 3 roads towards the peak, you could choose left-hand, middle or right-hand?" "If I chose left-hand?" "Left-hand passed many stones." "After departing and said thank you, the hurrying young man continued his trip." Several hours afterwards with flowing sweat, the young man was back in front of door the house of the grandfather. "Sir, I could not pass steep stones road." what's next road that must be pass by me, Sir? The grandfather by smiling lifted again his 3 hands fingers answered, "Choose personally, left, middle or right-hand?" "If I chose the right-hand road?" It was "right-hand that many thorny crop." "After resting for a moment, young man departed again climbing." Every few hour afterwards, he again to house of grandfather. Tiredly the young man said, "Sir, I seriously wanted to reach the peak of the mountain." The right-hand and left road was followed by me, it seems I stayed circling in same place so I was not successful to climbing place that higher and must come back come here without results that I wanted, please Sir showed other road and more easy so that I am successful climbing to the peak of the mountain. Grandfather serious to listened complaint of young man, while gaz sharply and said firm "young Child!" If you wanted to arrive at the peak of the mountain, to there is no easy way! The barrier like stones and thorny crops, must be passed by you, in fact sometimes impasse way must through by you. as long as u wish to reach the peak in consistent, face all barriers! Face all available challenges! go your step, step by step, you will definitely succeed in reaching the peak of the mountain like you want it! And enjoy u'r extraordinary scenery!!! You understood?!? With astonishment, young man heard all of the grandfather's statements, and with happy smile he answered "I understood Sir, I understood!" Thank you kek! I ready to face a step by step for every barrier and available challenge! My determination was increasingly stable, to climb again until I reached the peak of this mountain. With the satisfied smile of talking grandfather, "young Child, I believed you definitely could be reached to the peak of the mountain!" get struggled!!! There were no level road for success! Same like the Process analogy of the climbing achievement of this mountain. To gain the success like that , there not easy! There was no bypass! From time to time, the barrier, the difficulty and the failure always came . If we weak, frightened with challenge, was not convinced ourself, then what we want definitely will run aground in middle of road. Only a mental manner and a strong determination, had the commitment to stay fighting, just we could go to the peak of success. Greetings the extraordinary success!
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@ashiflett (1045)
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17 Dec 06
Thank you for sharing this story with us, it is very moving.
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