Did Jesus Christ exist?

December 17, 2006 5:30pm CST
Did Jesus Christ exist? Almost everyone believes that Jesus walked the land of Palestine in the 1st century. Many have never considered the alternative - that Jesus was a mythical being. Most Christians would probably consider such an idea to be blasphemy. now im probably not Believing this my self, But what proof do we have about him existing? I mean sure,there are things like water,earth,humans,animals etc..that god created. But are ther Any Facts? or is it a believ we have to exept, that there is in fact a god "just to have a goal in life" And people to be civil? How do you feel or think about it? is god a myth? (Btw Im sorry if im offending people with this discussion.)
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18 Dec 06
i believe he did!!!!!!! .... i dont care what nobody says lol
• United States
17 Dec 06
I'm not convinced that the "Jesus" of the "Pauline" epistles is the same "Jesus" of history.