Avril Lavigne - What the hell has happened to her..?

December 17, 2006 6:20pm CST
OK, I was a pretty big fan of her first 2 albums (especially the first one) and I have been waiting patently for her new material. I could have sworn she was supposed to release her new album around novemember but have heard she is moving it to mid 2007 T_T Avril says that her new album will contain love songs since 'that's what I'm feeling at the moment', god I hope the new album doesnt suck and that her music doesnt change as drastically as her image (am I the only one that thinks she looked hotter before btw...?) Avril I miss you T_T
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14 Jan 07
She released Keep Holding On about 2-3 months ago, but other than that, no real way to tell what happened to her. I like the change, although she doesn't seem like the old her, which may hurt her new album. Some people can't take change, especially in a big star like Avril.
14 Jan 07
Yeah I really didnt like that song T_T Ive checked out her wikipedia and shes releasing her new single on radio on the 29th of january in the USA! Its called 'Girlfriend' and the single cover is pretty damn cool (she looks like her old self but slightly hotter!), so hopefully the song will too ^_^