Best Way To Convince The Children To Eat Vegetables.

December 17, 2006 6:53pm CST
What are some tips to make my child eat vegetables?
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• India
20 Dec 07
I like green vegetables because they are very healthy and have a lot of vitamins! I'm a Vegetarian that's why. Some people don't know the good effects of a healthy veggie diet.They think if it's green it doesn't taste good. Well some vegetables doesn't really taste like chicken. My favorites are beans, cucumber and some veggies which are not green, like peppers or cauliflower.
@sripriya (450)
• United States
13 Feb 07
Here are some tips: 1)Set an example yourself.When the child sees you eating vegetables he might also develop a liking for vegetables. 2)Always put the vegetables in his plate.The more he sees the veggies he might get used to it. 3)Give him treats if he finishes his vegetables on the plates. 4)Allow your child to participate in the vegetable preparation. 5)Cut the vegetables in shapes that your child loves may be a heart or a star etc. Hope these tips help you!
@edelweiss (1929)
• India
18 Dec 06
We keep telling children that they shouldnt do a particular thing because they are small right now... and you'll find them doing the same thing again and again and keep getting themselves into trouble. you can assosciate eating vegetable will make them stronger and bigger and then they will be able to all those things without getting hurt. ( and i am not talking about comparing them with and making them super heroes or anything ) simple things like, jumping from the bed, climbing a tree, able lets say play a game.
@Shinji (48)
• Brazil
18 Dec 06
When I was younger, I rejected any type of vegetable or strange green things. Nowadays I eat everything - and I mean it. What was the secret? Well, I don't know if that fits to your case, but what made me a "healthy eater" was my brother: he ate a lot of vegetables and my parents always praised him for that. Then I started to eat it.
@sbeauty (5870)
• United States
18 Dec 06
Start young, and keep feeding the child veggies. Don't push large portions on him. Start small. If you eat them, chances are your children will, too.