Law And Order SVU may be cancelled

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December 17, 2006 8:53pm CST
I got this story from fox News I SO SO HOPE its not true it is my favorite show. You wouldn’t think that NBC could afford to lose a hit show right now, but that’s what may happen. Sources tell me that NBC is playing hardball with stars Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni, not wanting to pay them big increases if they stay for a ninth season next fall. “It’s not D Wolf,” my source says of the notoriously capricious producer. Wolf is infamous for constantly replacing and substituting actors on the original “Law & Order.” But so far the cast has remained stable for “SVU” since it launched eight years ago. NBC, however, according to insiders, doesn’t seem to care whether the show returns or not. “They’re acting like they want Chris and Mariska out of there,” says my source. One thing NBC probably didn’t count on was Emmy nominations for both stars and a win last year for Hargitay. The awards and kudos have come toward the end of the series’ run and are considered surprising for a “cop” show. The awards attention, coupled with consistently high ratings, would ordinarily give actors leverage with the network. But with cost-cutting and layoffs going on, NBC is said to feel that they don’t mind losing the show or starting over with new, less expensive actors. The ratings for 'Law & Order SVU' are what make this news all the more perplexing. The show wins its Tuesday night time slot easily every week, with an average 9.4 rating and a 16 share. Ironically, the ratings have only gone up as the fall season has plodded along, making “SVU” one of the lone shining lights in the otherwise dimmed NBC firmament. Either way, Meloni and Hargitay would leave “SVU” well-off financially but even better off career-wise. They are each a hot property and would likely be snapped up rival networks to star in their own series immediately. Stay tuned.
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28 Dec 06
Well I feel that other Law and Order were okay with losing poeple and replacing people. But since SVU is different kind of crime unit. I don't think they can just switch people end and out like they have. I mean I was pretty upset when Chris has these new girl while Mariska was out having a baby. It just didn't flow the same. And in my thoughts it is Mariska that makes the whole show.
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@rracers89 (3247)
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1 Jan 07
Yes I agree the other girl was good but it just was not the same
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30 Sep 11
Yes i agree too because its not Law & Order: SVU, if Mariska and Chris is not there. To me they were my favorite chararcters on the show. They shoud have stayed and they could have came back with a good season. It suck with them not being there. I mean I like the other characters but Mariska and Chris was the best.
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18 Dec 06
Seeing as I rarely watch network television(fox, abc, etc.), I can't say I would miss this show if it were to be canceled. If I am not mistaken, there is more than one Law and Order series correct? I cannot imagine this being much of a loss if this one gets canned. If it does happen though, judging by that story the actors won't have anything to worry about career wise.
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@rracers89 (3247)
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22 Dec 06
yes they are very good actors thanks
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9 Dec 07
They are not cancelling it because their in the middle of a new season
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20 Jan 07
I hope they don't cancel it. I do enjoy the show. I like the characters of Olivia and Stabbler but I also like the other characters as well, Finn and Munch are great. I think the show could survive with out Olivia and Stabbler although I'd rather they keep them. They have done episodes without the two after all and the shows have been good so who knows.
@momto2b2g (217)
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13 Jan 07
I love that show also. I tink cancelling it would be a big mistake. It's the best of the Law & Order shows. The other ones I wouldn't mind so much if they were cancelled.
@Lady_Vincy (1540)
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10 Jan 07
They better not cancel it. That would be a huge mistake on the part of NBC. I don't think they are crazy enough to do that to their stations ratings.