Why are City Workers paid so much, when they are not doing much it seems!

@killailla (1301)
December 17, 2006 10:29pm CST
Okay so We have had a lot of snow here in the last month and have had winds up to 100 km/hour this winter, which is not usual. I am so angry as 2 weeks ago I was standing at the bus stop as I couldnt get my car out of the driveway due to City Workers not plowing my streets, k that was strike one in my I am so mad thing, but I am standing there and I see this man in a power wheelchair riding on the road, a very busy busy road, cars were honking at him and so on, it was actually quite sad, but he had no choice, city workers did not bother doing the sidewalks! At this time is had not snowed in 3 days so it's not like they were waiting for it to finish! OKay then thursday and friday trees fell down all over the sidewalks, again I am driving by and see this same man on the roads again! It is sunday why have they not taken care of this? Do they not care about the handicap people? Made me so mad that we went a picked up as much of the loose branches as possible but like i said there are actually trees! And a Huge Little Ceasers Pizza Board!
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