Birth of Universe

December 18, 2006 1:04am CST
listen if u all r really a big fan of universe than always check into N.G.C & discovery.I'll tell u how did the galaxies & solar system have been formed as shown on these channel. scientists did not got the secret of birth of universe but said that, they know how did rest of the things got formed. at first universe was of the size of a marble ,yes, a marble than some reactions broke out between the atoms than it expanded. It was then expanding.Than it become the size of our palm then again some ractions broke out & then expanded.Then some matter was created.With them some sntimatter also got created.Then a huge war started between this 2 & universe was just exploding.than at the end of the war a matter gotr created & because of which we are alive today. do u agree with this
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