what do you think about diana's deth?

Sri Lanka
December 18, 2006 1:29am CST
last week british court of law relesed the judjment on Diana's death. The judjement was telling that was an exident and it happend because of drivers overspeed? I would like to here you'r comments about this judjement and diana
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@ais_nedla (163)
• United States
20 Dec 06
i think the queen elizabeth killed her. after all, she was an embarassment to the royal family. i would have done the same thing. queen elizabeth has almost 500 years of ancestral history behind her. i am not about to have some eurotrash stump my family name to shameless scandals. queen elizabeth I, king henry viii or even queen victoria might have done worse to diana. shes lucky the current queen is so civil to her.
• Sri Lanka
22 Dec 06
Its ltl bit new to me. I think you have a good knowledge in Britsh history. Is there any more happenings same like this before?
@coolcager (496)
• Costa Rica
21 Dec 06
Yes it is an accident. as you can see base on all investigation. the driver is really drunk and drive that fast. and very overspeed. so i think its an accident.
@Dennik (540)
• Philippines
21 Dec 06
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@snowflake5 (1579)
• United States
20 Dec 06
It was an accident. She wasn't wearing a seat-belt and the driver was drunk. I wish they'd stop wasting tax money on all these enquiries. The latest one cost £3.3 million. The poor French taxpayer has also had to pay for enquiries - and to investigate something that should be obvious - it was a tragic accident.