December 18, 2006 2:44am CST
I have PCOS and my doctor has put me on a drug called "Metformin". About 2 weeks after i commensed taking this drug, I was taken up to our local hospital in an ambulance because i was hemmoraging from loss of blood. I lost 62% of my whole bodies blood, i was in hospital for 5 weeks and had to have 3 blood tranfusions. I returned to my GP who prescribed Metformin and told him what had happened and told him that i had stopped taking it and he went really mad at me! He told me to start taking it again and that hemmoraging will just be a side effect for me. I requested we try a different drug as I dont want a reoccurance of the incident and he said "I will live"!!! Well, I might not if I continue the drug! I left my doctor and went straight to another one and told them the situation. They said that my doctor wants me to take Metformin for a reason and I should stop asking questions!!! I feel like I am being kept in the dark and I am refusing to take the drugs cause i got really scared last time. I am only 20! What should I do?
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• United States
18 Dec 06
Hmm, maybe you should try one more doctor. Maybe a diffrent hosipital or clinic if you can and try to get another opinion. I did a quick search on PCOS and another way to treat is is to go on the birth control pill. As your new doctor if that could be an option for you.
• Australia
18 Dec 06
Thanks for your comment. I have been battling PCOS since I was 16 and have tried many different branded and different purposed birth control pills - none of which work but thanks for researching!