Why guys like to put hands in their pocket?

December 18, 2006 3:05am CST
I don't agree when men say they are macho if they put their hands in their pocket. I think it is a coward act. What do you think about this? Cheerio.
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@findcutegj (1466)
• India
18 Dec 06
Sometimes i do that but not to show my attitude. Its just my habit! Im waiting for what others have to say.
• Malaysia
3 Feb 07
When a male puts his hands in the pocket, it's okay... but if he puts it all the time it will begin to look funny. lol... please don't be angry... lol...
@smartnrich (1067)
• Malaysia
4 Mar 07
Yes, I agree with you.For me, they are nervous and don't have their own confident for anything they do.One of my friend always touch his nose when he talking.
• Malaysia
5 Mar 07
Lol... looks like you are not defending your gender :) but yeah it does looks funny when a male puts his both hands in the pocket all the time. I've seen some male group singers, when they are being interviewed, all of them put their hands in the pocket... and it is really funny... can't stop laughing at this... don't be angry please. It is just my opinion. Have a great day ahead.
@JoeyCa (1810)
• Belgium
18 Dec 06
hahaha lady!! I would like to know that as well, can't wait to see the replies of they guys here :-))) xx
• Malaysia
3 Feb 07
I've seen my male friends who are nervous usually they will put their hands in the pocket. For example during a presentation, I keep seeing him putting his hands in the pocket and it looks funny... really... because why should you put both your hands in the pocket when you are giving out a presentation? hi hi hi... that's my opinion though.