Life without a partner

December 18, 2006 3:12am CST
I feel life would be hell without a partner.
2 responses
• Spain
18 Dec 06
Life is not hell without a partner, when you are on your own you get to meet many interesting people whom you may not do when you are always with the same person.
• India
18 Dec 06
ya thats true but dont you feel that at the end of the day someone special should be there with you to listen to ur scrap.. guide you, give suggestions etc...
• India
14 Mar 07
It would become like like like.......... There is nothing in the world for you. One have to live but he'll live because he can not die. Your partner is a person who is there around you to show you the beauty of life. Small things and happy moments that you spend with her completes the word "life" for you. Sometimes you cheer up with her and sometime it changes into a fight. Some silly moments make you smile when you are sitting at your desk in the office. You look around you if someone is watching you or not. This all happens because of you life partner. Think of life without your partner. It will become like the worst dream for you. Love your partner, always be loyal to your partner, enjoy the little moments of life and live happily. Thanks Vijay