do you love playing badminton?

December 18, 2006 4:59am CST
i do, but not professionally. and i enjoy the exercise, too.
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• India
19 Dec 06
Yes i do love playing badminton. It is one of my fav games. I love this game because it is one of the best exercise games we can easily play. this game is very easy to learn. and one can excel in this game with daily practice hard work and labour. I myself is a district level champion in my age group of under 19 years. i have been playing this game since the age of 9 years. it has helped me a lot as it has improved my concentration ability and my physical strengh has improved as well. it is a very good sport to play.
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• United States
18 Dec 06
My brother and I had a badminton set in the backyard when we were kids, and we used to play, with the rackets and the birdies, it was fun. That was about 10 years ago, wow, actually more than that, I think about 12 years ago.
• Philippines
18 Dec 06
how nice to have fun memories like that to go back to, right? don't you play the sport with your brother anymore?