Types of Architecture

Architecture - The Palace of Versailles in France is the largest palace in Europe and served as the model for European royal residences for over 100 years.
December 18, 2006 5:21am CST
Types of Architecture:::::::: Neolithic architecture Ancient Egyptian architecture Assyrian architecture Babylonian architecture Etruscan architecture Minoan architecture Maya architecture Mycenaean architecture Persian architecture Sumerian architecture African Architecture Chinese architecture Indian architecture Islamic architecture Japanese architecture Mesoamerican architecture Incan architecture Classical architecture Architecture of Ancient Greece Roman architecture Medieval architecture Byzantine architecture Sassanid architecture Romanesque architecture Gothic architecture Tudor and Jacobean architecture Renaissance architecture Baroque architecture Regency architecture Neo-Classical architecture Neo-Gothic architecture Neo-Byzantine architecture Neo-Romanesque architecture Jacobethan architecture Tudorbethan architecture Beaux-Arts architecture Modern architecture Expressionist architecture Futurist architecture Functionalism (architecture) De Stijl Bauhaus Art Nouveau Art Deco International Style Postmodern architecture Googie architecture Deconstructivist Architecture Australian architectural styles Canadian architecture Indonesian architecture Origamic Architecture (OA) Spanish architecture Temple architecture (Latter-day Saints)
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