Who plays Lineage 2?

December 18, 2006 5:41am CST
I'm a lineage 2 player.. been playing this game for almost a year now.. I'm playing at private servers.. used to play at Lineage 2 Extreme, Lineage 2 Revenge haven't tested out retail yet.. since i still can't afford to do that.. :( currently I'm playing as Spell Howler.. (love mage) so.. anyone else that is playing L2? - Retail @ Private? - Which Server? - How Long have u been playing L2? - Favorite character? Discuss
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• Canada
29 May 07
Lol, I bought the game, when I got home I realised that there was a monthly fee, so I don't really play... It's in front of me right now... mocking me... DAMN YOU LINEAGE!!! I wanna play you... Wait.. it comes with a month free play... eh whatever.
• Malaysia
29 May 07
you could play private servers for free.. no monthly payment.. :)
• Canada
29 May 07
I am not playing a private server. The actual game is awesome enough, they deserve my money. Well, I've heard it's pretty awesome. Guild Wars 2 FTW!
@Nardimm (218)
• Brazil
18 Dec 06
I play... but i prefer WoW [ World of Warcraft ]
• Malaysia
19 Dec 06
havent tried out WoW yet im still addicted to L2.. :D
@Godra25 (48)
• Indonesia
26 Oct 11
i'm still playing Lineage II - Retail - Sieghart - about 4 years - Dark Elf (Spectral Dancer)
@kaio33 (13)
• Bulgaria
13 Oct 10
I play on L2 Cerberus from 4 months but i have played Lineage2 maybe from 4-5 years
• Argentina
26 Feb 08
I´ve played lineage II for almost 3 years, always in private servers, first was Antharas, but the GMs were corrupt and gave items to friends, so all the community migrated to Valakas, which I think is the best private server ever. Only x2 rates so it´s difficult but not boring. In Antharas (rates x1) used to have a spellhowler, great pj to fight from a long range, 2 nukes and almost every other pj goes down. In Valakas I had a dominator and without a doubt is the best pj ever, is extremely difficult to lvl it up, but once you find the way, in higher lvls is almost invencible in pvp and also is the best assistance for siegues and wars. Take my word, be patient and lvl up a Dominator :)
• Canada
11 Feb 08
I used ot play on L2extreme a long time ago along with so many other servers. I think my favorite server was reborn, but i also played on so many i cant remeber them all. As for my favorite character wow thats defintly a tough one. I would have to choose a mysitv and a fighter. For mystic is either spellsinger or prohpet. I love a buffer but then i love the quick caster. I had alot of fun with both and i think that the buffer wins out as i played the game with my guild and it could defintly be played as a team game. As for fighter its in between bladedancer and gladiator. The bladedancer defintly helps the team but then no one can match a gladiator in dps. A notable hybrid character is just about any orc who can buff the entire alliance or also do massives amount of dps. Dwarves are also cool they can make tons of money which is another thing i like about the game it can deal with economics as much as politics while maintaining a strong gameplay.
@EvanHunter (4028)
• United States
10 Jul 07
I have play on kain server, have been playing since it was in closed beta and there was only bartz server. For awhile I ran a L2J server but it got to be a real pain in the rear so I gave it up and went back to the official server. I have to say I have tried wow and eq2 and the graphics as well as the PvP jsut doesnt compare to L2. the changes they have made over the past couple of chronicles have really made it alot easier for people who are starting out also.
• Philippines
14 May 07
hi, i played lineage 2 extreme. but the server was banned by the FBI. :( i love mage too.
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
I've played L2 private server, L2Xtreme, and became too addicted to it for 3 months. But L2Xtrme is banned now for piracy. So I've been planning to L2Signs private server, they're C5 already. My favorite char were Human Treasures Hunter, man they're so fast and high crits. I also have an Orc Destroyer, cool damage and high defense. I think Lineage 2 is one of my favrite game. Cool graphics.
@victor234 (506)
• Brazil
21 Mar 07
I play Lineage 2 since yesterday! I began playing last night and now Im lvl 10. I loved this game and Im playing everyday. Now I have 2 characters and Im plying only with one of them.
• Argentina
13 Mar 07
i play l2 privy servers too... im currently playing l2-kappa(http://kappa.l2-z.com) this is a fast server... 500x 500x 750x... and what i like its that u can learn all the skills of all classes with sp by going to the masters w/o being that class... you should try it... and my favourite class is phantomsentinel(darkelf archer) or archmage(human mage)... if u ever come to this server my char is Sasuke drop a pm there =)
@Mafia101 (40)
• Estonia
10 Jan 07
I play. In ultimate server right now :D
@darkking (15)
• Romania
10 Jan 07
i;ve been playing for one year and a half and i can officialy say its the best MMORPG. i play on private servers too. i dint played on official , despite i had the occasion. I play on www.l2.hopzone.net servers. My favorite character is Archmage and Saggitarius