Counter-stike best game in the world?

December 18, 2006 5:53am CST
I think yes. Poeple play this game all over the world and its many tournaments every month
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• India
10 Jan 07
ya counter strike is a very famous game in our college too
@pimponel (291)
• Romania
2 Feb 07
counter-strike is the most popular shooter game !! and will be forever :p
• United States
5 Mar 07
I'd have to disagree with that, Counter-Strike has among the most repetitive gameplay I've ever seen in a Multiplayer-only game. Simple, you choose between a Counter-Terrorist or a Terrorist, if a Counter-Terrorist your goal is to kill the terrorist players and save the hostages or defuse a bomb, if you're a terrorist, your goal is to kill the Counter-Terrorist or plant a bomb.
@dejablan (23)
• United States
22 Feb 07
I love this game and probably I am not objective, but yes it's the best game in the world :) it has something catching. gameplay is very simple as all great things are. never saw better FPS gameplay. game is like 6 yers old in general, so this is quite and achievement ;)
• Romania
11 Feb 07
i agree
@splitbil (12)
• Bulgaria
16 Jan 07
I think Cs is the best one from the Action Games.But i can't say it's the Best game in the world.There are many more gr8 games like WoW,NFS,Fifa and more.But they are from different kinds.
• India
14 Jan 07
month?? hehehe every day man........of course counter strike is the best in the world....really great graphics...and if u play it as a team then its more strategy game.....i am loving it...great game....yes its the best game in the world
@yulius (2)
• Indonesia
9 Jan 07
i think also like that but sometimes i hate play Counter strike cause there a player who played cheat
@areeb124 (243)
• Pakistan
27 Dec 06
yeh in my opinion counter strike is the best game this game rockz
@emmet18 (1116)
• Romania
19 Dec 06
I also think the same, I like counter-strike...I am playing about 7 years and I do not get tirred of is great!
@Fatals (1)
• Lithuania
18 Dec 06
I think this is the best game for my:)
@nickel1191 (2794)
• India
18 Dec 06
game - game
Maybe it is. But I like Quake III arena more for a first person shooter game.