Need Help Urgently!

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@shedii (1487)
December 18, 2006 6:27am CST
I want to build a website & I have to do this through my dad's help because I am still a student. So my dad heard about google blogger & asked me to start writing blogs first. So I have did that. I have built following blogs: Beauty Remedies: beautyailmentremedies(dot)blogspot(dot)com Health Remeadies: healthailmentremedies(dot)blogspot(dot)com Pictures: 1-pic-1-day(dot)blogspot(dot)com Friendship SMS: one-day-one-friendship-sms(dot)blogspot(dot)com Shayary SMS: one-day-one-shayari-sms(dot)blogspot(dot)com Jokes: one-day-one-joke(dot)blogspot(dot)com Now my dad wants me to advertise the blogs & drag traffic to the blogs that too for free. And if I able to drag traffic & maintain it, he'll give me permission to build my own website. Now how can I do this? Without spending a little also how can I advertise my blogs? How should I advertise my blogs for free & also maintain the traffic? Right now there are about 100-150 visitors visiting my blogs daily. How can I increase this so that I get permission to build my own site? Anybody has any suggesstions? Please help me out!
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