is iraq occupation justified

December 18, 2006 6:55am CST
The occupation of Iraq is not justifiable at any means. I wonder why even after 50 of the devasting world wars and colonisation the USA is again in the same path. It was the first country to support saddam in eighties and it overthrew him when he turned against it. It is the country which provided him with weapons to control IRAN. saddam was not a very bad dictator. He prevented the Islam in Iraq from radicalisation. He revolutionised the education system and primary healthcare system. The americans have acted in pure buisness manner. it has its eyes only on iraqi oil.In the process it has pushed the iraqs into civil war. This is totally unjustifiable.
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• Australia
18 Dec 06
do a search on this site! this question is asked all the time stop wasting mine and everyone elses time