Being a matter of choice... What you have to say ??

@nandans (1161)
December 18, 2006 9:20am CST
ecently I have been reading a lot about single hood. So, was just pondering what the fuss is all about? Is being single such a big deal? Alternatively, we can say its best selling gossip for media. Whatever are the reason for the articles but its actually working positively for present day youth? Well the answer is yes it is. At least the people who were running from the fact they are single have started accepting it as its no more a weirdo thing in eyes of millennium Indian. Earlier what was a culture shock for India is now being accepted (if not appreciated) as an individual decision and right to spend life in his/her style. Besides I personally have an opinion that a persons single hood is his or her own decision and should be respected. In addition, it should not be a reason for any embarrassment. If people cant, appreciate it they should not debate over it. I remember a lady who is some distant relative and happens to be my teacher also who never got married despite the several efforts from family and then one fine day she just said that she plans to be single for the rest of her life. And it’s a story which is now being forgotten or put at the back of mind as it’s a fact and people are living with it and she is indeed happy with it. But I remember that the moment any girl rejects a guy or counts some traits for her would be, the very moment she is told an example of the above mentioned lady as she also had several reasons for choice and see she is still single and going to be the same for the rest of her life. Isn’t that’s sad…and I feel bad to say that it happens only in India. Ours is a nation where people talk about women empowerment and women worship in the form of mom, sister, daughter etc and once the women takes a decision to stay alone and lead her life in her own way she is said to set a bad example for the generation and the culture. God the society is still sick. Being a matter of choice... What you have to say ??
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