do online earning websites really pay you

December 18, 2006 10:10am CST
I have a long time doubt whether these websites really pay you or not...i joined a website . But i doubt whether it is a scam or not...could u plz help me
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@unknownname (1083)
• Malaysia
18 Dec 06
YUP.. i have been online for a year ..n make money online .. but ur need to know if that site pay or not ...try check in detail ... if ur want to do a lot of money ..FOREX online a the answer but ur need learning what a FOREX market .. ...try tak a look 1st .. but in FOREX ur can earn a lot of money but ur can also lost a lot of money ...remember learning, skill, patient is important in forex ..
@yogi85 (108)
• India
18 Dec 06
Money - Money
hey i cant say about as i am not personally in the site but i can for sure say it for mylot as i have already seen 1 of my friends get their payment in the paypal account.This proved me that it was geniune and thus have started to write more posts in here. Hope you enjoy the site as well Happy Mylotting.
@kakuemmom (862)
• Canada
18 Dec 06
I am not to sure about that site but i do a few that I know pay. But be carefull don't invest any money until you know if they pay. I have done this kind of things for a couple of years and there are A LOT of scam sites out there. Let me know if you want any links to ones i know pay. Have a great day