December 18, 2006 10:29am CST
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• India
18 Dec 06
a natural and periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world is suspended
• United States
18 Dec 06
sleeping - is good for you
Sleep - Sleep is the state of natural rest observed in most mammals, birds, fish, as well as invertebrates such as the fruitfly Drosophila. It is characterized by a reduction in voluntary body movement, decreased reaction to external stimuli, an increased rate of anabolism (the synthesis of cell structures), and a decreased rate of catabolism (the breakdown of cell structures). In humans, mammals and many other animals which have been studied, such as fish, birds, mice and fruitflies, sleep is necessary for life. The capability for arousal from sleep is a protective mechanism and also necessary for health and survival. Sleep is not synonymous with unconsciousness.
• United States
18 Dec 06
the state when ur body is at rest