Acne – How does it affect you and your family?

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December 18, 2006 12:04pm CST
Acne – How does it affect you and your family? “Acne is one of the lowly diseases it never endangers but often ruins life” Stephen Rothman Along with the old wife’s tales that everyone has heard there are some medically known causes of acne. The biggest culprit is the body’s production of hormones, resulting in production of oils. Acne is most active in children when they reach the age of puberty. It seems to affect both sexes about equally. However, extreme cases are usually in males. There is an androgen-stimulated enlargement of the sebaceous glands. The skin becomes almost greasy with the increase production of sebaceous material. Basically the body just has not learned to regulate hormone production. With the increase in hormone production comes an increase in the body’s production of oil; this is especially noticeably on the face, and sometimes the back, neck, arms and chest. With the increase production of oil outpouring there is a good chance of the pores becoming blocked. This results in inflammation of the surrounding area, (swelling, redness, and pain.) When this happens there is a natural tendency for a bacterial build-up, usually this is Staphylococcus albus, and to a greater extent Corynebacterium acnes. These account for lipolysis of sebum which in turn frees fatty acids that cause inflammation. With the bacterial invasion the body’s natural defenses come into play. It sends in its fighters, the white blood cells to try and destroy the offending problem. The white blood cell expenditures will temporarily lower the body’s immune system, and causing your body to produce more waste, a lot of which is exuded through the pores of your skin. Exact causes of acne are unknown; there are a lot of theories and some facts. Diet may or may not play a role. One item seems to stand out. Inheritance, if both parents have acne then it is ten times more likely that their children will have acne. Some hormonal causes other than puberty can include: Pregnancy Birth control pills Menstruation Some Acne Treatments Prescription Medications Creams and Gels Facial Masks Topical Treatments Over-the-Counter Treatments Laser Treatment this is especially useful with cystic acne where there is a large amount of scaring Soaps Benzyl Peroxide Accutane which is thought to shrink the pores of the skin A well balanced diet will certainly help clear up or prevent acne Good soaps (and medicated soaps) will help keep the skin clean Home Remedies these include: Althea Balm mint Coltsfoot Horsetail Sage Wild thyme Yarrow There are a few things that almost all agree on in the treatment of acne. Use a good soap to help keep the skin clean, eat a balanced diet and get adequate rest. These will help in maintaining good health, which in turn will help control your body. These blemishes can often cause people to avoid social situations and, in extreme cases, can lead to feelings of depression. Because of acne a teen may be pushed out of his/her social standing. Their grades may drop; they may start having problems in school. They become more self conscious. In many cases’ depression and/or rebellion can set in. This can be a time when a great kid can become involved with gangs, because the gang will accept them without ridicule. Many teens have looked in the wrong places for acceptance. This can and sometimes does lead to drugs and or gang activity. A gang will accept almost anyone. Article Source:
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