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December 18, 2006 12:05pm CST
So, the original master blaster himself admits now that he cannot blast the bowlers anymore (the way he used to do it earlier) as he is no more a 17-year-old-something! This is Sachin Tendulkar speaking about his growing age and the differences that it makes to his performance as a 33-year old payer now. Sachin Tendulkar has had a spate of injuries in last 4-5 years forcing him to be in and out of the action every now and then. Well said, Sachin. But, there have been players who succeed more with the growing age. Or who play equally well even with growing age as they used to play at a younger age. Steve Waugh is one such example, who used to be successful almost always inspite of the age factor. For that matter, in the contemporary cricket, even Brian Lara is not doing that bad. It is true that the age has an effect on the reflex action of the body. But, at the same time it is compensated, to some extent, by the extra experience that one gets with growing age. At least till the thirties of the age. Yes, may be in the forties, the reflex action become much more of a problem. But then, if the reflex action is weak today, then it is perhaps time to act also. With Sachin Tendulkar, there is yet another factor, which appears to have played its negative role. It is the lack of motivation. When he entered the Indian team at the age of 16-year-plus boy, he was a middle-class boy. Today, his net worth may be somewhere between US$ 100 million to 200 million (Rs. 500 crore to 1000 crore). He is one of the richest persons in India. Then, he is also busy more in his money management and the ads business. It definitely results in a lack of motivation and interest. One big motivation for Sachin to continue in the game is perhaps the ads business, because the day he retires from cricket his ads business will take at least a 50% beating. That’s one of the reasons, perhaps, as to why Saurav Ganguly was so interested to come back to the Indian team despite the insulting treatment he got. The only difference it makes to the fortunes of the Indian team is that out of a team of 11 players, you always have 2-3 such players who will have to be adjusted in the team inspite of their performance. Nobody can dare remove them out of team. Perhaps this is the difference in the Indian and the Australian teams. That professional approach; that giving of first preference to the team instead of self. I have myself been a fan and a staunch supporter of Sachin Tendulkar so much so that, inspite of having lost interest in cricket for last some years I still used to watch cricket on TV mainly for his batting part and switch off the TV immediately after he used to get out. There were times when Sachin was the whole team, for me at least; and like many others, I also used to feel that if Sachin is out then there is no more a chance for a win. But, times change. And somehow I too have become his critic. Perhaps the time has come that Sachin also gracefully realizes the effect of the changing times and acts on it too instead of merely admitting the adverse effect of growing age on his performance. We wanted that aggressive Sachin, that performer Sachin; and not a lame duck Sachin
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18 Dec 06
sachin has changed according to the situation he is in..