why dogs chase cars?

@bodomgirl (1618)
December 18, 2006 12:09pm CST
it cerainly is instict, but what instict it is is another question.Dogs evolved as pack animals that can attack and brink down prey many times their own size.Predation is more likely to require quite than barking.Most large animals are herbivores, they are dangerous, and they hate pack animals that can wat them. A large animal making a lot of noise is probably giving a warning.Cars are large, they move, and they make noise, like an angry herbivore.My dog ignores cars usually, but she never misses a change to bark at a bus or a large truck.A dog chasing and barking is more likely trying (instinctively, maybe without completely understanding the action himself)to scare away a threat than looking for lunch.Plus, the dog learns after a few tries that he always succeeds to scaring the car/bus/truck/train aways, and he thinks he's good at it.
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