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December 18, 2006 12:58pm CST
What is it about this box that captures our attention hours upon hours on a daily basis? And we wonder why we have become so forgetful, and are growing heavier and heavier as our bank accounts have less and less. Do you ever wonder how celeberties and the very peope we watch on tv become who they are, with no want for anything? Most Celeberties interviewed will admitt that they do not watch tv, and in some cases don't even allow their children to watch tv. Maybe we should take our que from them and turn off the tube and get busy. Just something to think about.
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@mjgarcia (725)
• United States
21 Dec 06
TV is my downfall. It has been since I was a kid. The funny thing is there was a time when my TV went out. I lived alone in the country away from my friends, and had no phone at the time either. Once I got over the withdrawl I found that I got so much more done. I embroidered which I hadn't done in a long time. I read book after book. I actually walked outside! I spent three months actually doing things. I forgot who gave me another tv... unfortunately, I slowly slipped back into old habits.
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