Ministry For Children and Family Development...

December 18, 2006 2:09pm CST
Okay who are they really out to protect. You've heard the cases- the ones where MCFD did not step in until it was too late? I have one of those happening in my REAL life right now, this is not out of the media. My two oldest sons live with their father full time in New Westminster BC Canada. My oldest son ran away because his father HIT him, threw him into a wall. Okay. They sent him home, saying they had no reason to believe that his father DID anything to him. Two weeks later, he runs away again with a bloody nose and a busted lip - again from the hands of his father. This time he did not go home. We made sure of it. Now the same thing is happening again with my second oldest child - he ran away because his father punched him in the stomach. I HAD my brother who lives in Vancouver get him on a greyhound bus, because I had enough of the MCFD not protecting my kids. GUESS WHAT they did? They had the bus stopped going over the Port Mann Bridge and almost charged my brother with kidnapping. Guess what they did? They sent him BACK to his father, because my son wouldn't talk. Then blamed me for that. EXCUSE ME? What would you do, when MCFD won't protect your children? They are telling me now that they don't believe my son. So what is it going to take, them ending up dead before someone does something about it?
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