Italy to ban underweight models

December 18, 2006 5:16pm CST
Good on you Italy! It's about time something was done about these so called "role models" Apparently all models will need to produce a certificate of good health and any model that shows clear characteristics of an eating disorder will be banned from the catwalk! This is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to influencing younger girls about healthy weights! Too many models are seriously underweight by health professional standards and this is the image we are projecting to our teenagers?? That you have to be skinny and unhealthy to be sexy? Ridiculous! We have countries all over the world where you have both extremes - young girls with serious eating disorders at age 12 because they see all these skinny models and want to look like them - and then you have all the overweight and in some cases obese people who eat much too much junk fast food! It is good to see some governments actually acknowledging this and taking steps to promote a healthier image to everyone. It's no good having all these healthy eating campaigns and exercise days with people who are a healthy weight when you have stick thin models (some of whom have admitted to suffering from an eating disorder) on the international catwalks!
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@BunGirl (2639)
• United States
19 Dec 06
I can do nothing but applaud this news. I think the thin look has been taken way, way too far! It is simply not natural for a woman to be a stick figure! This is evident in the number of celebrities who have had to be treated for eating disorders and the like recently. If the problem would remain with the celebrity set that would be one thing, but of course for every famous anorexic out there there are thousands dying (some literally) to follow in her footsteps. It's a tragic picture of the world today when you see people starving themselves just to fit some kind of ideal that they see in magazines, movies, and tv shows. So Bravo Italy! May many more nations follow in your footsteps on this.
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@Adversa (408)
• Australia
22 Dec 06
Bravo Indeed for Italy. Its good to see any country begin to wake up to the problems in society and strive to correct them. Its a shame thought, there were other countries that were asked to follow suit, Australia and America included, that decided against it. I think that there of the beleif that business will increase for them with less business going to the "Anti-Slim" countries. I think they must be wrong about it though, If i was a company, I would perfer to use models in Italy now, because of these new laws, not in spite of them. Three more cheers for Italy and Spain.
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@pizzoli (3368)
• Italy
26 Dec 06
i confirm which this is the best solution i have been in a hospital and seen an anoressical girl: it's really more dramatical than you can imagine
@ezzrssi (11194)
• Italy
18 Dec 06
is one of the good things that italy does :)
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