Can you answer as to why??

December 18, 2006 5:31pm CST
Can you answer these questions for me 1. Why is it almost every guys I know wants to sleep with my g/f?? Most of them think she is hot, and say that they would gladly give anything just to be with her. If she runs during practice, they all stare. When they are supposed to run they watch her practice. I can't stand watching her try to land a backflip on the beam, but I love watching her do other, safer tricks. They all wanted to be the lifeguard in training fro her gym class and wanted to be the swimming managers.She's brown haired/eyes, 5'1, like 98lbs, and is the absolute sweetest, down-to-earth rich girl I have ever met. Should I be offended they like her so much?? She doesn't like them so I am not worried. They all are willing to run the 5 miles she runs to get home every day. Why do they like her so much??
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@smuggeridge (2157)
18 Dec 06
surely its better that they think she's hot than a minger, you or she should be flattered