Premature babies: slow to learn?

United States
@mfrancq (1809)
December 18, 2006 7:29pm CST
My son was four weeks early, which actually wasn't very bad. However, he was born at 4lbs 11oz, which was an issue. My doctor said this was because my body was not allowing my son the nutrients he needed, even though I ate constantly and took vitamins. They also told me that my son would be four weeks behind on everything and wouldn't be as smart as a full term baby. However, the older my son has gotten, I have noticed that he is actually quite smart. Smarter then most full term babies I have seen. My son was talking at three months, when I say the numbers one and two he will hold them up with his fingers..he's only eight months. There is so much he already is quite amazing to me. Anyways, any parents who also had a baby premature? Do you have the same experience? Or anyone that has an opinion or any type of advice is more then welcome also.