which is your favourite subject for discussions?

@van123 (1288)
September 22, 2006 8:50pm CST
my favourite subject........
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• United States
17 Apr 07
My favorite things to discuss here on myLot is about money making online. After all that's what were doing right? I like to read though many of the discussion in this subject and see if anyone out there has found another great site that pays a lot. My second favorite subject to discuss is about people. These questions are the kinds that I can relate to and they are very easy for me to answer too.
@im_vjy (1485)
• India
26 Oct 06
Maths wat else it could it be................!!!!!!!
@ossie16d (11834)
• Australia
16 Oct 06
There are so many here which are good that I am not sure I could call any in particular 'favourite'. What would you like to talk about ..... fish, water, camping, holidays, lack of money or anything else. :)